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Star Spangled Strokemakers - Team

  • $21.95

The newest version of the original strength and technique improving Strokemaker Hand Paddles! Star Spangled Strokemakers come with 2 complete sets of tubing that you can mix and match in fun color combinations. They also come with 20 water proof star stickers for customizing on the front and back.  Makes a great gift for any swimming enthusiast!


XXS Size 0 - Red Paddles for ages 5-11 and all ages

XS Size 0.5 - Blue Paddles for ages 8-11 and all ages

S Size 1 - Red and Blue Paddle for ages 9-13 and all ages

M Size 2 -Blue Paddles for older age groupers and all ages

L Size 3 - Red Paddles for senior and master levels

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